"Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew,
like showers on new grass,
like abundant rain on tender plants."

Deuteronomy 32:2

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Sunday, March 24

Second Grade, Science, Set Two

We are continuing to do experiments with magnetism. Here are some of them:

  • I put a paper clip in a glass and asked K. to get it out without touching the paper clip. You can see her using a magnet to do it. True Book of Science Experiments pg 27

  • We gathered seven magnets and tested each to see how many paper clips it could pick up. This showed us that some magnets are stronger than others. Science: Understanding Your Environment pg 86
  • We made a needle into a magnet. The Real Magnet Book pg 40
  • We learned that magnets push and pull. Real Magnet pg 44 
  • Here is an experiment showing the magnets pushing each other apart. Let's Experiment pg 64

  • Here are iron filings "dancing" above a magnet. Let's Experiment pg 67
  • We made a vending machine slug rejector. Let's Experiment pg 71
  • We made a switch to use for our electromagnet experiment. Let's Experiment pg 73. Do not use this switch with any power source except household batteries, such as D cell batteries.

  • Here is our electromagnet. Let's Experiment pg 57 and Real Magnet pg 55
Book to read:
  • Amazing Magnetism by Rebecca Carmi -- this is a Magic School Bus chapter book

Now we are experimenting with electricity. We started this week with Static Electricity.
  • We experimented with balloons Science: Understanding your Environment pgs 93 - 95
  • We played with static charges using glass rods and plastic combs and a ping pong ball Let's Experiment pgs 96 - 98
  • We read Amazing Electricity by Sally Hewitt -- this book has good pictures, short text, and things to do or talk about on each page spread.

  • What Happens page 23 -- we discovered how a flashlight works by making one. We taped four D batteries together so we would have a brighter light. We started with one. There was hardly any light, so we added a second battery and it was brighter. Then we decided to add a third and the light was even brighter, so we added the fourth for a very bright light. After doing the experiment in the book, we decided to hook it up to the switch we made. It was so much fun because it actually worked!
  • Let's Experiment page 102 -- we tested different items to see if electricity flowed through them. This didn't work at first because our light bulb was different than theirs. Ours had to be touching the top of the battery and have the wire touching the side of it, too.
Other books we read:
  • How does a Waterfall become Electricity? by Mike Graf -- good book, easy to read and understand with good pictures and illustrations.
  • Electricity: Bulbs, Batteries, and Sparks by Darlene Stille -- very easy book to understand with large, colorful illustrations
  • Electric Storm by Anne Capeci -- this is a Magic School Bus chapter book.
Recommended book:
  • Why it Works: Electricity by Anna Claybourne -- we didn't use this book, because it covers the same things as in the other books and the experiments we did, however, if you don't have any other books already, this is a good one to use.

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