"Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew,
like showers on new grass,
like abundant rain on tender plants."

Deuteronomy 32:2

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Monday, October 17

Even Safer than a Harvest Festival

We don't observe halloween or participate in our church's Harvest Festival. At our house October 31 is Book Report Day. At the beginning of October K. picks her favorite book (that we have read as a family this year) and we start preparing costumes, food ideas, decorations, etc. from the book.

This year K. chose Charlotte's Web. She dressed up like Fern and Papa was Mr. Zuckerman. Since I brought the bucket of slop to the table, I was Lurvy. I requested the movie Charlotte's Web (1973 movie) from the library for us to watch. Here are pictures:

 Here is Charlotte's Web. I made the web of white yarn, cut the letters out of white paper and glued glitter on it (to look like morning dew). The orange in the middle is the spider.

 Here is our sheep,

 and the goose,

 and Templeton.

 Here you can see the fence we made.

 Charlotte was made out of a gallon milk carton. We stuffed red tissue paper inside to give him a pink look. His ears, eyes, and nose were cut out of construction paper. His legs were cut from an egg carton.

 Here is our table, set for dinner.

A close-up of a pig trough.

The bucket of slop. Dinner was really quite good. It was mashed potatoes (I scrubbed the potatoes, then peeled them, so I could include the peeled skins in the food.) rice, taco flavored ground meat, peas and carrots, and cheese. We had more slop for dessert. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate bar, broken graham crackers, peanuts, chopped Oreo cookies, and raisins stirred in and re-frozen.

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