"Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew,
like showers on new grass,
like abundant rain on tender plants."

Deuteronomy 32:2

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Saturday, October 15

Kindergarten, Math, Week 37

  • Fractions: Equal Parts
    • Used stuffed animals and a set of 24 pieces of pasta
    • I put out 2 animals and had K. divide the pasta equally, then count and see how many each animal had.
    • Then I put out 3 animals and had K. divide the pasta equally, and count how many were in each set.
    • Then I put out 4 animals, etc.
    • Then I put out 6 animals, etc.
    • We learned that the more you have to divide something in, the smaller each set is.
    • A good book for this concept is The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

  • Calculator: What digital numbers look like
    • I made a paper calculator and a strip of paper with the markings of calculator numbers
    • Then I wrote a number and K. used a marker to trace how that number would look on a calculator.
    • She got frustrated about half way through, so we took a break and read for a bit.
  • Fractions: Halves of a Set
    • We went into K.'s room and I put out sets of blocks, animals, etc.
    • K. separated them into equal halves
    • We learned that when you make a half there are two parts and each is equal
  • Game: Races, see Math, Weeks 25, 26, and 27 for instructions (addition)
  • Problem Solving: Graphs
    • I printed a picture of candies from the internet.
    • K. counted how many there were of each color and made a bar graph.

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