"Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew,
like showers on new grass,
like abundant rain on tender plants."

Deuteronomy 32:2

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Saturday, January 28

First Grade, Reading, Set One

  • Here is the Picture Label Activity (from Games for Reading) we did this week. When we were through K. wanted to write a story, and that is what is on the right side of the paper.
  • We are reading the book Pulling Together, the chapters are a bit long, so I read the pages on the left and K reads the pages on the right. Listening and comprehension are also a part of "Reading".
  • This week our activity was putting Puzzles together. (See Games for Reading about why puzzles are a part of Reading.)
  • Our third week our activity was Blindfold Drawing (see Games for Reading). This activity always brings lots of laughter at our silly looking pictures.
  • Now we are in the BJU Reader, and each day's selection is short. K. reads it all herself and I ask questions about it.

  • I changed Word Ladder (Games for Reading pg 55) from being a reading game to a vocabulary game. Whenever we read (whether it is K.'s reading lesson or history or a fun book I'm reading to her, or even from our memory verses) and she asks what a word means, we add it to our vocabulary list. So with Word Ladder she read the word and then told what it meant in order to move up to the next rung of the ladder. When she got to the top she got the prize of five pennies.
  • We keep track of our vocabulary words by writing them on large letters cut out of 9" x 12" construction paper. We are spelling the word "VOCABULARY". We have the V and the O filled and are now working on the C.

  • We ended this set of weeks playing Same and Different (Games for Reading). I used the same pairs of words from last year.

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