"Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew,
like showers on new grass,
like abundant rain on tender plants."

Deuteronomy 32:2

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Monday, October 22

First Grade, Math, Set Seven

Games, activities, books, and web sites that enhanced our learning:
  • We are continuing to practice the Triangles every day.
  • We reviewed the 10 More / 10 Less and 100 More / 100 Less concepts using the spinner we had made before and Uno cards. K. took three Uno cards and made a number (345), then she flicked the spinner and which ever instruction it landed on, I had to write the new number (if it landed on "10 More" I would write 355). Then it was my turn to take three cards, etc. We worked our way through the whole pile of cards.

  • I had printed a worksheet of three-digit addition problems. K. worked two problems each day, then on Friday we pulled out the Place Value mat and worked the last four problems using manipulatives before solving them on the paper.
  • We took turns handing each other a handful of coins. Then the person wold count them and write the amount.
  • We worked on Subtraction: 2 digit, money, missing addend, word problems.
    • For missing addend we used these manipulatives. We used pinto beans for the known addend and the sum, then it was easy to figure the missing addend, 'x'.
  • I printed some rectangles on a paper, then told a story of why someone need to know how much fence they needed. I drew pictures on the rectangles as I told the story. Then K. used a ruler and measured the rectangle and got the Perimeter.
  • I made a fun worksheet for estimating capacity. I used clip art and put pictures of things (large mug) and then put options for her to choose as to the capacity (2 cups or 2 gallons).
  • We played Fractions games on Johnny's Math Page.

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