"Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew,
like showers on new grass,
like abundant rain on tender plants."

Deuteronomy 32:2

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Saturday, February 7

Fourth Grade Course of Study

We will continue with our schedule of 7 sets of 6 weeks. It continues to work really well for us. Here's how it works:

  • The first week of each set is called the "Planning Week". During it I plan the following five weeks of school work in detail (what we will do in each subject each day), we play a review game each day, we read a book together, and K works on a science project.
  • Then we have our five weeks of regular learning. On days we have Fine Arts, our schooling takes about four hours. We do this in one hour or half-hour segments. Sometimes we have one-and-a-half hour segments, but never longer than that.

  • Our 24 Family Ways by Clay Clarkson
  • The Bible Detective by Carol Smith
  • Window on the World by Dahne Spraggett
  • Mik-Shrok by Gloria Repp
  • Charlie by Gloria Repp
  • 77 Zebra by Gloria Repp
  • With Daring Faith by Rebecca Henry Davis
  • Ira Sankey: Singing the Gospel by Kelley Deegan Bruss
  • River of Danger by Densie J. Williamson
  • Silent Road to Rescue by Denise J. Williamson

  • One new hymn each week
  • Bible Memory: Psalm 19 and Philippians 1
  • Bible Reading: use Bible Detective to see how well we know the story, then read the Bible passage
  • Character Development: one Family Way in each Set
  • Catechism: # 50 - 77; four in each Set
  • Review some verses and catechism each week
  • Prayer: learning about and praying for people groups
  • Read one missionary book each Set
  • Magical Math Series by Lynette Long
    • Marvelous Multiplication
    • Dazzling Division
    • Groovy Geometry
    • Measurement Mania
    • Delightful Decimals
    • Fabulous Fractions
    • Great Graphs
    • Wacky Word Problems
  • Math Mysteries by Jo Ellen Moore
  • Betcha! by Stuart J. Murphy
  • Multiply and Divide by Terry Kane
  • Problem Solving with Time & Money by Thomas Camilli
  • Course of Study for Grade 4 from Bob Jones University Press
  • One day each week: Addition or Subtraction practice
  • Two days each week: Multiplication or Division
  • Two days weeks 1 - 4
    • Measurement
    • Decimals
    • Fractions
    • Graphs
    • Geometry
    • Word Problems
  • Two days in week 5
    • Number Sense
    • Counting
    • Algebra Readiness
    • Estimation
    • Calculator
  • We are going to be reading the Little House Series, which takes place during the era we are studying in history.
    • Little House in the Classroom by Christine Olivieri Hackett
    • Little House in your Classroom published by Harper Collins Children's Books
    • Little House in the Big Woods
    • Little House on the Prairie
    • On the Banks of Plum Creek
    • By the Shores of Silver Lake
    • The Long Winter
    • Little Town on the Prairie
    • These Happy Golden Years
  • Teaching Tall Tales by Tracey West
  • Mystery Fold: Stories to Tell, Draw, and Fold by Valerie Marsh
  • Read one Little House book in each Set
  • At least one Mystery Fold story each Set
  • Tall Tales as time allows
  • g.u.m. drops by Melissa L. Schneider
  • Course of Study for Grade 4 from Bob Jones University Press
  • Work through book, we may also read GrammarLand by M.L. Nesbitt and or The Child's Own English Book by Alice E. Ball.
  • Writer's Workbook Open Court Reading
  • From Heart to Page by Michelle Van Loon
  • Creative Writing by Phyllis Rand
  • Young Novelist Workbook
  • Course of Study for Grade 4 from Bob Jones University Press
  • Work through Writer's Workbook
    • It looks like this will be fun, but since we only have the workbook, if it becomes frustrating, we will change to From Heart to Page and Creative Writing. On the other hand, if we are really enjoying it, we may not do the Novel this year.
  • Writing a journal to practice cursive writing.
  • Spelling for Christian Schools 4 Bob Jones University Press
  • Complete one lesson in spelling each week
  • Vocabulary words from all the reading we do
  • Classic Science: Elementary Life Science by Scott McQuerry
  • The Magic School Bus Activity Guide from Scholastic
  • One chapter in Life Science in each Set
  • One Magic School Bus video/book with activities during each planning week
  • A Child's History of the World by Virgil M. Hillyer
  • California Weekly Explorer
  • Unites States History Timeline from Wikipedia
  • Cover years 1866 - 1919 in U.S. and world history
  • Two lessons of California history in each Set
  • Recorder Practice Book Bob Jones University Press
  • Friendship Bracelets by Laura Torres
  • Girl Handbook American Heritage Girls
  • Complete the recorder book this year
  • Make one friendship bracelet in each Set
  • Earn one badge in each Set

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